Canal Grande I

The canal is four kilometres long, between 30 and 70 meters wide and five metres deep. Three bridges cross the Canal Grande, the most famous of which is the Rialto bridge with its shops. Most of the palaces facing the Canal Grande are 500 years old. It was a very popular and very expensive place to build, which is why most of the houses facing are rightfully called palazzi.

Venice aerial      Zoom out

Venice aerial
photos: NASA satellite and zoom out CNES

Standing in the boat, you can perfectly read the architectural history from the facades along the Canal Grande. We will take a closer look at several of the palazzi facing the Canal Grande in the architecture programme, albeit from jetties and narrow dead-end alleyways.

Grand Canal southern part      Punta della Dogana

Grand Canal southern part Venice
photos: Sébastien Bertrand; Dogana: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT

Canaletto ‘The entrance to the Canal Grande’ 49.6 x 73.6 cm, oil on canvas  c. 1730
Edward Pritchett ‘Church of the Salute’ Sotheby’s, New York, 19th century 

Canaletto ‘The entrance to the Canal Grande’ c. 1730
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Friedrich Nerly ‘The Canal Grande view Rialto Bridge’ 19th century

Friedrich Nerly ‘The Canal Grande view  Rialto Bridge’

Rialto bridge         Rialto in the urban context

Rialto bridge  Venice
photos: Shaun Dunmall and urban context: Kasa Fue

Michele Marieschi ‘Rialto bridge’
Bridge        Gondola       Left bank      Right  bank

Michele Marieschi ‘Rialto bridge’

Continuation Venice day 1: Canal Grande II